About Us

Kenneth R. Nadler Consulting, L.L.C. is an award winning design firm deeply committed to a high standard of quality and craftsmanship.  Our work, rich with a variety of unique design solutions, encompasses a spectrum of building types including both residential and commercial commissions. Our design team strives to help each client realize their ultimate vision for a project commensurate with their programmatic needs and budget, while creating an aesthetic that can be best described as one of “timeless beauty.” 

We are primarily a high-end design firm. Our clients typically have a refined sense of design, quality, and detail. We know how to listen and respond to their requirements with spirit and enthusiasm. 

The team-oriented strategy practiced by this office lets us call upon the individual strengths of each designer.  This atmosphere, along with our years of experience in site planning, building design, project analysis, permit approval and construction administration, yields buildings that exist in harmony with their surroundings and are well proportioned and thoughtfully detailed.  We conduct our work meticulously with focused research, and we draw upon our historical knowledge in order to work with confidence in many divergent Architectural styles.  This is bolstered by our attention to detail across multiple scales of design, ranging from overall form to exterior and interior trim and even custom furniture and lighting fixtures.

A Full Service Firm

We specialize in luxury residences in Fairfield, Westchester Counties, throughout the US and the Caribbean.


  • Programming

  • Project analysis

  • Zoning analysis

  • Permit approval

  • Site planning

  • Building design

  • Construction documents

  • Construction observation

  • Construction administration

  • Punch list preparation

  • Interior design

  • Shop drawing review


At Kenneth R. Nadler Consulting we approach a project with a team system that is overviewed by the Principal-in-charge.

At the onset of the project one of our project managers will be assigned as team leader. The team leader will stay involved in the project straight through construction. He/she will meet with the client along with the Principal-in-charge and will continuously keep the Principal-in-charge informed of the project status. 

At all stages of the project, the Principal-in-charge will always be aware of the project status. The team leader will also prepare documents to record the project 's progress and will maintain a master file, which will contain documents for all stages of the projects.

During the design phases of the project the technical staff is used as a consultant to the designer. During the construction document phase of the project the designer is used as a consultant to the technical staff. This insures that the design intent is met and our high standards for quality are maintained. Throughout this process, the various consultants are involved. Quality assurance procedures are in place to self-check our work and the various consultants.

The Team at KRN

Ken Nadler

Kenneth Nadler, AIA


Mr. Nadler was educated at Pratt Institute School of Architecture and received a Bachelor of Architecture.

Mr. Nadler is a founding principal of Kenneth R. Nadler, Consulting, LLC. He has more than 30 years’ experience and is responsible for all aspects of project design.  His high standard of design and attention to detail is greatly reflected in Kenneth R. Nadler, Architect’s reputation for quality Design with the numerous awards his projects have received.  Mr. Nadler is known for his understanding of human requirements and his ability to blend them into the proper context. His responsibilities are wide ranging and include overall design guidance, specific programming, planning, agency responsibility, and client liaison. Mr. Nadler is a registered Architect in the states of Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Texas, Colorado, Maryland, Missouri, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, Arizona Idaho and Montana.  He is a member of the NCARB and the American Institute of Architects.

Kathleen Lyons

Kathleen Lyons


Kathleen Lyons was educated at Cooper Union in New York where she earned a Bachelor of Architecture.

Kathleen has experience in all types of architecture including master planning and site planning, rehabilitation and adaptive reuse projects, municipal, institutional, recreation, corporate and commercial projects, multi-family and single family housing.  She is responsible for all aspects of project management, planning, programming, design and acts as our client, staff and consultant communication hub. Kathleen’s true love for design and creativity encourages an atmosphere where new ideas and solutions are commonplace. Her ability to continuously focus on a client’s needs and desires combined with her desire to be a perfectionist always results in design solutions that are both functional and innovative. She has a keen ability to translate client recommendations and requirements into workable design realities that are consistent with established goals, objectives and budgets. Ms. Lyons is a registered Architect in the State of New York.

Joseph Torhan

Joseph Torhan


Joe Torhan was educated at New York Institute of Technology and received a Bachelor in Architecture.

Joe Torhan is a project architect dedicated to blending the technical details of building construction with the aesthetic details of architectural design. His precise attention to details and his technical knowledge result in creative solutions to a variety of architectural challenges. Joe has over twenty years experience in housing, institutional, and commer­cial projects. He is a dedicated project manager who is intent on assuring that the construction process is a continuation of the design process. He is thoroughly familiar with the management, prepara­tion and coordination of a project, the construction documents and specifica­tions, as well as the coordination of the consulting engineers and field personnel.  Joe oversees and is adept at coordinating the details of various disciplines to assure the production of a comprehensive set of construction documents.  He has a thorough working knowledge of Auto Cad and has produced many of the plans, sections, details, schedules and designs of our projects. Joe is a registered Architect in the State of New York.

Patty Hackett

Patty Hackett


Patty Hackett is a graduate of New York Institute of Technology where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Architecture.

Patty has experience in many aspects of architecture including master planning and site planning, multi-family and single family housing. She is responsible for all aspects of project management, planning, programming, design and acts as our client, staff and consultant communication hub.  Patty’s enthusiastic approach to exploring new ideas typically results in original, well-thought-out design solutions. Patty’s unique ability to incorporate a design theme in the smallest of details continuously creates results where intricately designed details subtly blend with the overall design. She is a dedicated project manager who is intent on assuring that the construction process is a continuation of the design process. Patty’s uncanny ability to focus on the needs and dreams of our clients throughout the design and construction process is apparent in the quality of the results.

Joseph McKenna

Joseph McKenna


Joseph McKenna is a graduate of New York Institute of Technology where he earned a Bachelor in Architecture.

In addition to developing construction documents, Joe’s unique role in the office is to create artistic presentation renderings to aid Ken and the clients during the design process. He works closely with Ken to generate three dimensional concept images to help clients visualize specific designs. When creating final renderings he uses a blend of technical and artistic ability to create stunning images. In commercial projects these images can be used for marketing as well.